Use Advanced Analytics to Plan, Budget and Allocate Financial Aid

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You'll hear from  Dr. Wendy Lin-Cook, Associate Provost of Enrollment Management and Academic Services at  NJIT and how she is using advanced analytics for financial aid allocations, including how she increased enrollment while maintaining the same aid budget.

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Learn why colleges trust Othot's predictive analytics platform

Real-time predictions

From start to finish in the enrollment lifecycle, Othot’s platform shows you which individual students to focus on so you can maximize your recruiting and marketing resources; meet your enrollment targets with the best-fit students; and shape your incoming class to meet institutional goals.

Superior Data Science

Othot is unique in its use of engineered data and advanced analytic engines. In a head-to-head comparison, Othot produced results 51x more accurate than a leading competitor

Predict and Prescribe

Othot’s platform lets you run What If? scenarios to see which actions will have the greatest impact on a student.  You’ll know which students to offer financial aid to and how much to offer and who to subsidize for visits.

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