Use Advanced Analytics to Plan, Budget and Allocate Financial Aid

WEBINAR | July 12, 2018 | 3:00 PM EDT

Over the last 10 years, overall discount rates have increased from 38% to 49% for new freshmen at independent colleges.  

Changing demographics (population and income) have pushed schools to expand their recruitment geography, spurring pricing competition among schools and redefining a prospective student’s expectations on scholarships.  

That trend has created an entitlement among first-time students: 88.2% receive an institutional grant.  

The strategies and playbooks that were once the cornerstones of prior success may not be enough in today’s world.   

Guest speaker, Dr. Wendy Lin-Cook, Associate Provost, Enrollment Management and Academic Services at New Jersey Institute of Technology, will discuss how she has used advanced analytics as part of her overall financial aid strategy. 

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